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Databricks x Fabric: Discovering Data Excellence in IT

In our upcoming webinar May 16th, Elevate your understanding and mastery of data platform tools with a focus on Microsoft Fabric, Azure Databricks, Azure Data Lake Storage, and Power BI.

Explore the seamless integration of Databricks and Fabric in designing a data platform prepared for the future. In this advanced-level session, delve into the following key insights:

  • Discover the native Databricks-like features inherent in Fabric.
  • Uncover the process of surfacing existing Databricks-hosted Delta tables within your Fabric Lakehouse.
  • Learn essential steps within your Databricks account, including relocating the Unity Catalog, and understand the strategic advantages of these actions.
  • Harness the power of Delta tables in Fabric, with a focus on instance reporting in Power BI using Direct Lake.
  • Explore the integration of Fabric data within Azure Databricks