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Overcome metadata issues at scale
Bongkarn Thanyakij
Bongkarn Thanyakij

Along with increasing volumes of music streaming data, CMOs must also tackle the issue of bad metadata and data complexities. The media and interest groups have extensively reported the issue of unmatched music royalties, which is threatening the livelihoods of artists and producers. In their 2019 collections report, CISAC President Jean-Michel Marre shared that despite the rise of music streaming, just 1 in 5 collections is from a digital source (CISAC, 2019). There is a huge discrepancy between the music being played and the royalties being paid. Much of this can be attributed to bad, unorganised and inconsistent music metadata.

The Matching Engine uses automated parameters to identify and match data. A foundation of Azure and Databricks technology provides the ability to process and transform data from various streaming platforms and in different formats at scale.

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