Matching Engine

The Matching Engine includes modules for, Matching, Modern Ingestion, Repertoire Management and Usage Management. In 2022 we will release two new modules: Members Portal and Distribution.

Spanish Point has built a music matching application that can address data issues facing music rights organisations using the Microsoft azure platform. The High-performance engine supports organisations to address metadata errors and ensure music royalties are tracked with accuracy and transparency.

The modern cloud application is specifically designed for copyright management organisations (CMOs). It is designed and built by a team with over 14 years of experience developing solutions for CMOs.


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The Modules
Matching Module

Implemented across a variety of international organisations, this module matches streaming music log files at a fraction of the cost and at multiple times the performance of other legacy systems.

It gives you the confidence to tackle streaming data with higher accuracy and operational costs which you control.

Repertoire Management Module

The Matching Engine is a system that provides a set of modules for the maintenance of society’s repertoires.

Our Repertoire module allows you to maintain: Musical works, Agreements, IP Information (Creators and Publishers), Products.

Modern Ingestion Module

The Modern Ingestion module allows for automatic ingestion, matching and posting of inbound work registrations in a variety of standard formats.

This module provides the ability to ingest new data into the Matching Engine system, with several folders for different types of data, such as usage data.

Usage Module

The Usage module provides an interface to find and amend the usage allocation of works, products, pools, and distributions.

This module includes the functionality required to manage the review and manual matching of usage information.

Distribution Module

Based on Spanish Points expertise with our customers, this module was designed to be highly configurable and extensible to meet your organisation’s needs.

Strong out of the box integration features of our solution, including WID, CIS-Net, ISWC and advanced IPI integration, will greatly improve the quality of information and the accuracy of distributions.

Members Portal

Information specific to individual members will be available to them via the Members Portal. This includes an interactive and detailed view of statements.

Spanish Point has successfully implemented this module for a number of music industry customers including IMRO’s member portal.

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